Sports Science Offering

Strength and Conditioning
Exercise prescription which combines strength training and aerobic conditioning of competitive athletes. The primary objective is to prevent injury and enhance performance.

Sport Specific Assessment / Testing
Depending on the demands and nature of the sport, specific testing protocols are developed to test flexibility, strength, fitness as well as any limitations which would limit proper mechanics within sport performances. These tests provide a base with which comparisons and progressions in fitness can be tracked over time. Intervention in the form of training strategies are implemented to facilitate improvement.

Sports Massage
Forms an integral part of an athlete’s pre, post and inter event training strategies. Sports massage promotes improved flexibility as well as reduces fatigue and injury. It assists in the body’s recovery process and prepares the body for optimal performance.

Physical Literacy Testing and Training
To develop fundamental movement skills and fundamental sport skills that enable an individual to move confidently with control in a wide range of physical activity and sport situations. The following skills are tested: agility, balance, co-ordination, speed, locomotive skills, manipulative ball skills and kinesthetic awareness.




Sports Massage

Physical Literacy

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