Golf Academy

BSI has been operating high performance golf programs since 2004, and hundreds of young golfers have been through our system and achieved great success.  We specialise in elite performance training programmes combined with education.

PGA Diploma
Want a career in golf? This post-matric programme combines golf specific academics with elite golf training in all aspects of performance. This 3-year programme is the ideal choice for parents and students, as graduates have the choice of trying for a professional playing career or forging a career in the golf industry.

Career options include coach, director of golf, club professional, greenkeeper or many other options. BSI has local and international affiliations within the golf industry to guarantee worldwide employment opportunities upon graduation. Click here to download brochure...

Junior Academy
Want more time to train and compete?  This is a full-time programme for ages 14 to 18, where learners receive elite performance training alongside quality, internationally recognised schooling.

We offer the Cambridge education system, with tutor support in supervised classes. This unique approach provides excellent academic support, whilst providing young golfers with the flexibility to adapt their study time around their tournament schedule. This style of education is becoming more popular for modern day talented young athletes. The students spilt their days between the classroom, the range, the gym and the golf course. Click here to download a brochure...

Looking for a career in the outdoors? This 1-year programme is a fantastic gateway into one of the highest paid careers in golf.  Learners receive immense practical on-course experience at one of our partner clubs, alongside the theory element.  Learners also receive elite performance training during the programme. Click here to download a brochure...

Academy Programs

Holistic elite training programs for competitive golfers in preparation for a playing career.  We have a full-time Premium option or we can custom-fit a program depending needs, schedules and learner type.  Graduates of this program include Sunshine Tour players; Toto Thimba, Stefan Engel Anderson, Stuart Smith and Dayne Moore.

Private Lessons & Evaluations

In addition to full-time programs, BSI Golf offers coaching options for competitive and regular golfers on a part-time basis.  Click here to download our coaching, training and evaluation rates.

TGSE Cape Town
All of the above programmes are also available at our Cape Town branch TGSE Cape Town. Click here to visit their website...

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