Study Centre for Youth Athletes

At the BSI Study Centre for Youth Athletes, we provide quality education for talented and dedicated sports-focused high school students. Modern day youth sport demands an extensive competitive and practice schedule, which is not catered for in traditional schooling.

The BSI Study Centre for Youth Athletes is a preferred choice of top class competitors. We currently educate SA national squad members across 3 different sporting disciplines, and the number of sports we cover is growing year on year.

BSI has adapted and enhanced the distance learning model, which provides the necessary flexibility for competition and training, by providing a fully managed, structured and disciplined environment for highly effective learning. Each student works at their own pace and has their own study plan, based around their competitive schedule.

We offer the Cambridge curriculum, which provides a world class education and internationally recognised qualification. We expect our students to be just as committed in their academics as they are in their sport, and those who don't put in the hard work in either area will not reap the maximum rewards.

We cater for all sports participants from grades 8 to 12, with a low student / tutor ratio. Most students specialise in one particular sport, however we do cater for those who still wish to participate in multiple sports throughout their high schooling. The following sports training is available to BSI students, either in-house or through our Associate Academies or Associate Coaches:

  • Golf (full-time academy)
  • Football (full-time academy)
  • Athletics
  • Tennis
  • Esports
  • Swimming
  • Gymnastics
  • Cycling
  • Cross-Fit
  • Strength & Conditioning (General or sports-specific)
  • Mental Training (General or sports-specific)
  • Eye-Training (multiple sports applications)

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Quality Education

Our team of highly experienced educators provide a ‘safe pair of hands’ for your child’s education. The education at the BSI Sports School is lead by Mrs Jacqueline de Lange (Jaci) as Head of Junior Academics. Jaci has a wealth of experience at some of the leading education institutions in South Africa, including Rhodean School (2005-2012) and St John’s College (2013-2017).

Jaci’s leadership skills, hands-on teaching experiences in Maths, English and Physical Education, along with her lifelong passion and involvement in sport, makes her the ideal person to guide our young student athletes along their individual academic journeys through the crucial youth development stage. Jaci heads up a team of specialist teachers and tutors, who support the students in all core subjects. We pride ourselves on developing the whole-person, providing a disciplined and nurturing environment that encourages maximum development in our students’ sport, academics and character. The students follow a life-skills programme that is specifically geared towards the particular demands of professional sport, such as media readiness, brand building and social media use.

BSI is a registered British International Study Centre (High School Cambridge System).


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