Education for Student Athletes:

BSI provides education solutions for student athletes from high schooling to tertiary level. With our in-depth knowledge and experience of training and educating sportsmen and women, we have developed programmes that allow the athlete to commit to their intense sports training regimes and competitive schedules, and adapt the education around those schedules.

BSI offers custom made programmes for sports academies, teams and federations, as well as ‘Sports Schools’ to provide academic support and guidance for individual athletes who already have coaching structures in place.

It is becoming more prevalent for school-going student athletes (particularly with early specialisation sports) to switch from traditional schooling to alternative educational methodologies, primarily distance-based (home schooling) education. This move is made to eliminate peripheral and time-consuming activities from education schedules but more importantly to accommodate the flexibility of schedules that student athletes require. Many families who have made this change are grateful for the flexibility but grapple with being able to correctly schedule and manage the balance between sport, education and life skills. This is an area that BSI have extensive experience.

BSI has accreditation with CATHSSETA (Accreditation no. 613/P/000216/2012) and is a registered British International Study Centre (High School Cambridge System).