At Balderstone Sports Institute (BSI) we train, nurture, develop and educate youth athletes to perform in the sporting arena, to excel in the classroom, and to become leaders in business and life.

Our sports academies offer the opportunity to combine world-class elite performance training with high quality education from high school to diploma level, while developing key life skills for success.  Our training philosophies allow accelerated development of skills and learning, providing the ideal environment for talent young athletes to thrive and succeed.

We are passionate about “Training Champions & Changing Lives!”

Our Purpose:

“To provide an environment of excellence that encourages the development of each and every student to his or her full potential, in sports performance, education, personal development and in preparation for life.  To be a hotbed of talent development. To train and produce champions. To develop leaders and positive contributors to society.”


Join us for our next training camp from 2-4 November. Contact Eurico at to book.